27 JULY 14

It is a certain doubt.

About what? About myself. I recall the nights I spent with the demons. I hate the teardrops that showed my weakness and fear. Those are the days I wish they could all just disappear as I snap my fingers. Sometimes I’m not sure if I had started the life I wanted yet. The thing is I’m not even sure what kind of life I want. 

The sadness still drowns me; It aches like how it used to. I can feel the demon holding my heart, it makes me hard to breath. 


I want to go out for a self-discover adventure again. Although I don’t see that happening. I believe it is the only way to pull me back on the track. 

Like Cassie. She eventually find the way and the things she has been looking for. The doubts she had went away. The girl.

Goodnight world. Hello nightmares.

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As American as apple pie.